Welcome to Mentor-Connect’s Resource Library. The purpose of this library is to provide a comprehensive, interactive collection of resources that can be utilized by STEM faculty, administrators, grant writers, mentors, mentees, etc. to further serve the goal of Mentor-Connect to advance technician education and leadership development by supporting potential, current, and former grantees of the NSF ATE program.

The library contains print resources, webinars, and links to other helpful sites. Users will find the most current grant proposal guides and updates from the NSF, webinars conducted by Mentor-Connect for all aspects of grant writing, sample documents provided by former and current grantees, and a large supply of informational articles.

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New Resources
View Resource Forms Tutorial 2018

This 15-page tutorial will guide you through an important process - filling out the forms that will be part of your proposal to the National Science Foundation’s Advanced Technological Education Program. It is based on a Mentor-Connect webinar, conducted in May 2018 and available as a recording on the Mentor-Connect website (www.Mentor-Connect.org), in the Resources section.The tutorial provides...

View Resource Webinar: Preparing Forms for Your NSF ATE Proposal 2018

This webinar produced by Mentor-Connect focuses on the various forms associated with NSF ATE grant proposals.  Forms can make up 2/3 of a final proposal submission and impact the quality and accuracy of a proposal. The webinar covers the following topics: •Knowing the purpose of various forms associated with NSF ATE proposals •Knowing what data to enter into each form associated with NSF...

View Resource Webinar: Small-Scale Evaluation 2018

This webinar is titled "Evaluation Basics for non-Evaluators."  It contains information about the evaluation process involved in managing an ATE grant.  The webinar uses a fictional grantee and addresses the evaluation process as she goes through it. The webinar covers such issues as how to choose an evaluator, how evaluation helps a grantee reach his or her goals, and how to fill out forms needed...

View Resource Budget Tutorial 2018

This 19-page tutorial will guide you through the development of budgets and budget justifications for proposals submitted to the National Science Foundation’s Advanced Technological Education Program, focusing specifically on the category called Small Grants for Institutions New to ATE. The information is based on the 2018 Mentor-Connect budget webinar, which is available as a recording in...

View Resource Webinar: Preparing a Budget and Budget Justification for Your NSF ATE Program 2018

The purpose of this hour-and-a-half webinar is to help those who have not been funded by NSF to develop fundable proposals.  Topics include how to prepare a budget for your NSF ATE grant, what to include in each budget category, how to prepare a budget justification, how to align the budget and project description, and how to avoid common errors. Documents accompanying this webinar are the...