Welcome to Mentor-Connect’s Resource Library. The purpose of this library is to provide a comprehensive, interactive collection of resources that can be utilized by STEM faculty, administrators, grant writers, mentors, mentees, etc. to further serve the goal of Mentor-Connect to advance technician education and leadership development by supporting potential, current, and former grantees of the NSF ATE program.

The library contains print resources, webinars, and links to other helpful sites. Users will find the most current grant proposal guides and updates from the NSF, webinars conducted by Mentor-Connect for all aspects of grant writing, sample documents provided by former and current grantees, and a large supply of informational articles.

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New Resources
View Resource Latino Faculty in Hispanic-Serving Institutions: Where is the Diversity?

This study examines two systems of higher education in California to explore the trends in Latino faculty diversity, given the critical mass of Latino undergraduates at both the community college and California State University systems of higher education. Findings suggest a disconnect between student diversity and tenure-line faculty diversity exists. For HSI systems, like those present in...

View Resource NSF Final Report: Improving the Recruitment and Retention of Women in ATE and STEM Fields

This ten-page white paper focuses on the problem of recruiting and retaining women in ATE and STEM programs.  The paper reports the findings of a STEMconnector-hosted workshop held to identify barriers to women in STEM programs and to brainstorm ways to overcome these barriers.  Workshop attendees shared best practices.  The top ten best practices are discussed in the paper.

View Resource HSI ATE HUB Logic Model

This document is an HSI ATE Hub logic model  for a proposal to identify HSI success factors and gaps.  It includes existing ATE resources that serve Hispanic communities and an analysis of what needs to be developed.  The spreadsheet includes resources, activities, and deliverables and outcomes for a one year, two year, and three year proposal plan. The logic model includes the involvement of the...

View Resource Active learning increases student performance in science, engineering, and mathematics

In this article, the researchers did a meta-analysis of 225 papers looking to examine the impact of active learning strategies versus the traditional lecture format. They found that the active learning format increased student concept inventories to a larger degree than straight examinations but that was thought to be due to the difference in what is being tested. Concept inventories test...

View Resource Webinar: NSF ATE Program Funding Opportunities & Mentor-Connect Orientation 2018

This hour-and-a-half webinar features personnel from both the NSF ATE program and the Mentor-Connect program.  The webinar offers an overview of both programs and of the grant proposal process.  Information includes recent changes to grant proposal guidelines, including budget size and eligibility to submit a grant. Accompanying the webinar are the webinar slides in pdf format and the handout for...