Welcome to Mentor-Connect’s Resource Library. The purpose of this library is to provide a comprehensive, interactive collection of resources that can be utilized by STEM faculty, administrators, grant writers, mentors, mentees, etc. to further serve the goal of Mentor-Connect to advance technician education and leadership development by supporting potential, current, and former grantees of the NSF ATE program.

The library contains print resources, webinars, and links to other helpful sites. Users will find the most current grant proposal guides and updates from the NSF, webinars conducted by Mentor-Connect for all aspects of grant writing, sample documents provided by former and current grantees, and a large supply of informational articles.

These resources are provided free of charge for non-commercial purposes only. Each resource contains a record with its sharing permissions. The resources that are in the public domain may be used without restriction. The resources marked “Attribution—Non-commercial—Share Alike” may be used non-commercially as they are or changed by the user, as long as the user credits the author and licenses new creations under the identical terms. Resources marked “Unknown” were provided to Mentor-Connect without an existing fair use statement. Please contact these providers whenever possible to determine permissions.

New Resources
View Resource Instagram Basics

This twenty-five minute Break Time Video focuses on understanding  the differences between personal and business Instagram accounts.  It explains how to use social media--particularly Instagram--to tell a story and measure success with help from an Instagram account. In includes eleven steps to use Instagram effectively to promote your business plan. 

View Resource Adaption vs. Adoption

This ten-minute Break Time Video sponsored by CCTA explains the differences between adaption and adoption when developing a grant proposal and shows how adoption often evolves into adaptation.  

View Resource Sustainability- How to Know What is Sustainable

Sustainability refers to what will continue from a project when grant funding ends. The elements of sustainability, what has worked and what hasn’t, will be discussed and how it affects the larger vision for technician education. 

View Resource YouTube Analytics

Let’s dig into your data! View how to access metrics and read those results with examples. This Break Time Video shows how to use the data function in Youtube.

View Resource How to Read the NSF ATE Solicitation

Become skilled at reading a NSF solicitation, or call for proposals, by learning how to maneuver through all the different elements.  This fourteen-minute Break Time Video sponsored by CCTA focuses on some of the elements not so directly spelled out in the proposal solicitation that will help grant writers be more successful.