Institutional Agents at a Hispanic Serving Institution: Using Social Capital to Empower Students


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The researcher examined a Hispanic-Serving Institution to actively find ways to better "serve" their students. Guided by a theory framework, Stanton- Salazar's (2011) social capital framework, it looks at the institutional agents and highlights how the leaders use their social capital and high status to better serve some of the disadvantaged students in the educational pipeline. Four faculty members at NSU illuminated the role of Institutional agents at an HSI and helped develop the support structures that enhance the experience and educational outcomes for not only Latina/o but also minority students entering HSIs in high numbers. This study is based on a qualitative method and narrative inquiry. The researcher's findings are useful in assisting institutional leaders to create and empower social capital networks when serving minority students and developing agents of the institution within the HSIs. These findings show the value of providing portraits of process, purpose, and quality of HSI leaders to better understand what a higher education institution can do to “ serve” Latinx students.


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Date Issued 2015-12-30
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