Decolonizing Hispanic Serving Institutions: A Framework for Organizing


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The researcher calls for all HSIs to recognize the effects of imperialism and the coloniality of the power that has subjugated Raza students within education. The term “Raza” is used instead of “Latina/o/x” or “Hispanic” to refer to people who have indigenous roots in México, Central and South America, and the Caribbean. The term recognizes that this racial/ethnic group evolved as a result of colonization, rape, and subjugation of indigenous peoples.This article is also holistic, calling on HSIs to address recruitment and retention issues, focusing primarily on the value of racial and ethnic diversity within the institution.

This article can be used for increasing  HSI faculty understanding of the landscape of the HSIs and the diversity  that tainted the unconscious bias toward underrepresented groups. It can also help identify characteristics of faculty at HSIs that need to be developed or hired to improve Latinx student success.



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